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ABB IRB 360 IRB360

ABB IRB 360 IRB360
 ABB IRB 360 IRB360

Robo Info:
    •Axes: 4
    •Payload: 6.61 lbs
    •H-Reach: 44.49 in
    •Robot Mass: 264.55 lbs
    •Structure: Delta, parallel
    •Mounting: inverted
The new ABB Flexpicker, the IRB 360 Delta robot, is smarter than its predecessor, the IRB 340. In fact, the ABB IRB 360 robot has an increased payload, moves faster, and takes up less space. It is IP67K certified and easy to clean.

You can find out more about the ABB IRB 360 IRB360 here and also more about used industrial robots by clicking here

Industrial robot KUKA

KUKA Kr210 Krc2 Widxp Ed.05

KUKA Kr210 Krc2 Widxp Ed.05
used kuka robots

The KR 150/210 have high payloads ranging from 110 kg to 210 kg. They are robust enough for functions such as spot welding, handling of parts, machining, loading and unloading of parts, palletizing, press tending, handling and loading/unloading tasks. This is achieved with repeatability of 0.2 mm.  The system is expandable with use of highly compact cabinet and has two free slots for external axis.  Motion profile function is available for optimal interaction between each motor and its velocity.


Kawasaki FS06

Kawasaki FS06
Kawasaki FS06

Robot Info:
      • Maximum Load of Robot: 6 Kg.
      • Maximum Reach Horizontal: 1102mm.
      • Repeatability: 0,05mm.
      • Controller: C
Robot Kawasaki FS 06 Series. These robots are designed for medium payload applications requiring a flexible work envelope.

You can find out more about the Kawasaki FS06 here and also more about used industrial robots by clicking here

Fanuc M-6iB

Fanuc M-6iB
Fanuc M-6iB

Robot Specifications  





   Robot Mass:138kg

The M-6iB series is FANUC Robotics’ latest-generation family of small robots. The series is offered in two sizes designed to approximate the reach of an operator. Feature-rich standard capabilities and options provide dexterity, reliability and high speeds to make the M-6iB the perfect solution for countless applications and working environments.

You can find out more about the  Fanuc M-6iB  here and also more about used industrial robots by clicking here

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