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Robust versatility
ABB IRB2400 M96

IRB 2400 is the world’s most popular industrial robot. This robot is equipped with S4 controller which enables the RAPID instructions easing the programming tasks.

The IRB 2400 offers you increased production rates, reduced lead times and faster delivery for your manufactured product. The arc welding model has 1.8 meters reach, 7 kg load capacity, large working range and slim arm and wrist. Other models offer handling capacity of up to 16 kg, 1.5 – 1.8 meters reach, excellent motion control, large load offset and unlimited motion in axis 6. This means there’s an IRB 2400 robot to give you excellent performance in your material handling, tending and process applications. All models offer you inverted mounting capability.

The compact design of the IRB 2400 ensures ease of installation. The robust construction and use of minimum parts contribute to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.

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