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Fanuc Arcmate 120iB

Fanuc 120iB

Fanuc 120iB

The Arcmate 120iB has six axes, modular construction and is servo driven. This robot provides accurate and consistent path performance based on the simple and reliable construction.

Year 2004. Equipped with the powerful Rj3iB controller.

The Arcmate 120iB Suitable for handling, welding and cutting processes which required short cycle times.







  • Exceptionally fast wrist axes reduces air cut times
  • Extremely large work envelopes are useful for large parts; or complex tooling is also offered
  • Best in class reach versus stroke ratio
  • Fastest motion speeds in its class for maximum output
  • Compatible with all major brands of welding equipment


- B size cabinet
- Quick change amplifier
- Fast boot time < 30 s
- PCMCIA Software distribution
- Easy connections to a variety of I/O
- Color teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.

Motoman PX1850 Paint

Motoman PX1850

Motoman PX1850
Used robots Motoman

The high-speed PX1850 robot is available with either a three-roll or Lemma-style wrist, providing versatility and a smooth, superior performance in standard industrial and automotive coating applications.
The three-roll wrist design is ideal for painting contoured parts such as interior / exterior surfaces. The Lemma wrist is well-suited for painting horizontal and vertical planes.

KUKA KR 30/2

KUKA KR 30/2

KUKA KR 30/2

KR30/2 VKRC2

The KR30/2 robot is a masterful mover with a fist-shaped work envelope, and is ideal for the
implementation of cost-effective, space-saving systems.


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